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Blisso Warranty is crafted considering the highest standards set by the company. All the products are an outcome of dedication, precision and years of R&D. They are also manufactured and designed keeping comfort, durability, quality, sustainability and affordability as Blisso’s pillars.

1. What is covered?

Through the first year, the mattress will be replaced free (At Blisso’s discretion) subject to manufacturing defects as highlighted below:

Warranty will be applicable only in case of product failure.
Product failure is limited to sagging of the core of the mattress or manufacturing defects of the foam.
Reduction of thickness of greater than 1.5 inches will be considered as sagging.
Warranty will not be applicable on wear and tear of fabric or stitches arising from regular use.
Product will be replaced by the same or identical product of same price range available at the time of return.

After one year of the purchase of the product, pro-rated warranty will be applicable. The validity of the warranty period for each model will be as per the warranty details. If warranty period is over for a particular mattress model, no further warranty claim will be applicable.

Warranty will be applicable for one time repair/ replacement of core material of mattress. For repair/ replacement of mattress core material, the company will charge as per applicable warranty period as mentioned in the warranty details and applicable charges as listed below:

Second Year: 20% of the ongoing MRP at the time of complaint.
Third Year: 25% of the ongoing MRP at the time of complaint.
Fourth Year: 30% of the ongoing MRP at the time of complaint.
Fifth Year: 35% of the ongoing MRP at the time of complaint.
Sixth to Tenth Year: 50% of the ongoing MRP at the time of complaint.

If any other part needs to be changed/repaired, the same will be charged at the actual cost at the time of complaint effective from second year. Transportation cost to the dealer or distributor location or to company warehouse will be borne by the customer. 

2. What is not covered?

All fabrics and materials used for quilting the fabric for the mattress.
Any stitches coming out in the mattress should be reported within 7 days from date of purchase beyond which it will not be covered under warranty.
Wear and tear of fabric and stitches arising from regular use.
Mattresses which are repaired/altered by customer or dealer or distributor or any other party.
Damages due to deployment on incorrect cot, uneven surface, folding, fabric soiling from external applications, ironing, use of chemicals, etc.
Permanent depression of less than 1.5 inches. (All new products will have slight sagging and softness after initial usage which is normal as per company standards).
A mattress that has already been repaired.
Replaced mattresses within one year will have a warranty of free replacement only for the balance period of one year and not one full year.
● If the warranty period is over for a particular mattress model, no further warranty claims will be applicable.

The warranty will be binding on the Company on satisfying the following conditions:

The original copy of the invoice with the duly signed and stamped warranty card by the dealer should be submitted while logging the complaint.
Company’s decision will be final in all warranty claims.
In any case, the Company’s liability will be to the extent of the purchase Invoice value only.

3. Mattress Care:

Do rotate the mattress once in 2-3 months.
● Do not fold, bend, roll or flip the mattress at any point of time once opened.
● Always keep the mattress away from moisture, dampness and fire.
● Mattress is built for sleep solutions and not for testing any impact – Do not stand or jump on the mattress.
Do not use chemicals to clean the mattress, chemicals could impact the raw materials used inside.
Do not use the mattress on an unsized cot and on a uneven/rough base.
Do not use the mattress for ironing clothes.

All mattresses are under warranty as per warranty policy against any manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.
For claiming the warranty, please register in by writing to

All disputes are subject to Bangalore Jurisdiction.